Điểm danh các cặp từ đồng nghĩa thường gặp trong đề thi THPT

Tìm  từ đồng nghĩa trái nghĩa là một trong 9 dạng bài phổ biến thường xuyên xuất hiện trong đề thi THPT Quốc gia môn tiếng Anh. Đây là một dạng bài dễ mất điểm khiến nhiều thí sinh đau đầu. Vì vậy để giúp các bạn tự tin hơn trên con đường ôn tập Tâm Nghiêm sẽ giúp bạn tìm hiểu các cặp từ đồng nghĩa thường gặp trong đề thi THPT nhé.

Các cặp từ đồng nghĩa thường gặp trong đề thi

Các cặp từ đồng nghĩa Nghĩa Ví dụ
fascinating = interesting hấp dẫn, gay cấn Josh finds the sci-fi movie Infinity War so fascinating that has he seen it three times.
pure = clean tinh khiết, sạch People in the flooded area are in need of pure water.
tell off = criticize la mắng ai vì họ làm sai Unfortunately, I had to tell off John for his poor performance.
distort = making changes to fact xuyên tạc, không đúng sự thật Some newspapers are often guilty of distorting the truth just to impress readers with sensational new stories.
devote = dedicate tận tụy, hết lòng, tận tâm She was a devoted teacher.
conduct = organize tổ chức, tiến hành Students from that university have conducted a survey to find out the most effective study habit.
spread out = extend lan ra, kéo dài Dark clouds began to spread out across the sky, so we rushed to the house as fast as possible.
diplomatic = tactful khôn khéo, dễ gần Lawyers should be diplomatic in dealing with a judge.
take on = employ thuê thêm The council has had to take on 20 extra employees to handle their increased workload.
take part in = join = participate tham gia They will be taking part in the discussions, along with many other organizations.
full of beans = lively and in high spirits tràn đầy năng lượng hứng khởi In order not to miss the dawn I woke up very early in the morning feeling full of beans.
compulsory = obliged = mandatory bắt buộc The law made wearing seat belts in cars compulsory.
pave the way for = initiate mở đường, khởi xướng Data from the space flight should pave the way for a more detailed exploration of Mars.
contagious = spreading truyền nhiễm The virus is contagious, so it’s advisable for all people to stay indoors.
distinguish = excellent xuất chúng, xuất sắc He’s a distinguished writer who has contributed a lot to our writing center.
reject = dismiss từ chối, phản đối James strongly rejects the view that only male students should be invited to the conference.
encroach = intrude = violate xâm lấn, xâm phạm David never allows negative feelings to encroach upon his life.
expel = discharge trục xuất, đuổi Most of the students who were expelled from the school became successful.
amiable = friendly tử tế, tốt bụng The new president was amiable and he possessed an ability to make people comfortable.
menace = threaten đe dọa, uy hiếp The first impression tourists may have on this church is rather menacing.
usurp = take someone else’s power chiếm quyền của ai The Congress wants to reserve the reforms and usurp the power of the presidency.
pros and cons = advantage and disadvantage lợi và hại There are of course both pros and cons to this approach, but we feel that the benefits greatly outweigh the negatives.
conventional = traditional truyền thống You can use a microwave or cook this kind of food in a conventional oven.
deteriorate = degrade làm hư hỏng School buildings have deteriorated to the point where they pose a health threat to both students and teachers.
come out of one’s shell = become confident chan hòa với mọi người Anna has really come out of her shell lately. I remember when she wouldn’t even talk to anyone.
reconcile = harmonize giải hòa, làm cho hòa thuận They were finally reconciled with each other, after not speaking for nearly 5 years.
thought-provoke = stimulate kích thích tư duy Overall, this is a convincingly argued and thought – provoking book.
dilemma = quandary = situation tiến thoái lưỡng nan She faces the dilemma of disobeying her father or losing the man she loves.

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